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SASVBA Provides Data science course in Delhi with Latest Development Environment and Frameworks. We keep Our Programs Up to Date with the Most advanced modern trends. SASVBA has introduced the complete data scientist course in Delhi. The multiple levels are machine learning and data science the same? Lifecycle is considered in the trajectory of this data science training in Delhi. This data science training in Delhi/NCR starts with an opportunity to Statistics, Probability, Python, and R programming.

Learn Data science online by the best institute for Data science in DELHI. SASVBA is the best Data science institute in India with highly experienced and qualified Faculty. SASVBA institute online data science data course offers you numerous data science project that can be great use from your career point of view. This course can be considered as the most advance course for data science.

SASVBA Institute is the best institute for data science because of its highly supportive team and environment. It has a dedicated team of professionals from different fields to help you to grow in career. We provide both online and offline data science classes, so you can choose yours accordingly.

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SASVBA Institute Has a very good and supportive environment with high-performance Computers having Up-to-Date IDE’s. We Also Provide Online Data Science classes to ensure the comfort of Our Students So that they can easily Study Where Ever They Want, When Ever They Want. SASVBA Institute Data Science Faculty Is Highly Experienced and Heard Thousands of Success Story of Our Students.

  • Courses Can Be Customized as per the requirement of Students.


The student will then imagine Data Preparation, Data Cleansing, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Data Mining (Supervised and Unsupervised). Learn the principles back Feature Engineering, Feature Extraction, and Feature Selection. SASVBA Is One of the best course which Encourages Students to Crack Interviews in Tech Giants. We Emphasis on Theory as well as possible to build a Good Foundation for Learners.

This data-driven ecosystem certification in machine learning course in Delhi provides you with the surging demand for Big Data skills and technology in all the leading industries. There is a huge career view available in the field of big data course in Delhi and this jobs for B Com graduates in Delhi NCR Courses in Delhi, NCR Programme is one of the most complete best data science course in India courses in the business today.

SASVBA Institute Has a very good and supportive ecosystem with high-performance Computers becoming Up-to-Date IDE’s. We Also Provide Online Data Science classes to ensure the comfort of Our Students So that they can easily Study Where Ever They Want, When Ever They Want.

SASVBA Institute data analytics courses in Delhi Faculty Is Very Skilled and Heard Thousands of Success Stories of Our Learners.

  • Courses Can Be Customized as per the basis of Learners.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a versatile discipline. Programming courses in Delhi use different strategies to extract information from organized and unorganized data. Big data analytics courses in Delhi are concerned with data mining, machine learning, and big data.

Data science is the development of frameworks that helps us in resolving the issues with big data storage. After entering the era of big data, data science demand is increased because we need to store data. Without the help of data science this big storage framework cannot be developed. We blend numerous tools along with algorithms and principles of machine learning with an aim of discovering the hidden pattern of raw data.

Data science is used widely in performing predictive analytics. Weather forecasting is the prime examples of predictive analysis. Data science models also help with the prediction of natural calamities. This make data science of great use and importance.  Carrier opportunities in data science are increasing by a rapid rate. So, you can enroll in a good course and get certified.

A data analytics course in Delhi is a researcher who has to make huge amounts of big data for analysis, build complex quantitative algorithms to organize and integrate the data, and present the conclusions with compelling visualizations to senior executives. Data science jobs in Delhi improve marketing decision making by offering greater speed and a better way to the whole process.

Scientist courses in India must be a character who loves working with numbers and symbols. A strong analytical mindset coupled with rich technical knowledge is the skill set most wanted in computer programming courses in Delhi. He must keep above-average writing skills and need to be proficient in delivering scientific ideas to non-technical people.

SASVBA Is a Profoundly Commended Institute in python course in Delhi. We provide 100% Placement Support So that Students Would not have any Burden of Placements. All the stages described in the CRISP-DMM structure for machine learning courses in Delhi Project are sold with great depth and clarity in this course. Certainly, this appears as one of the most immeasurable best institutes for six sigma certification in Delhi NCR due to the live map exhibition in INNODATATICS. This provides a golden chance for students to apply the different ideas studies to a real-time situation.

Python internship in Delhi NCR is an amalgam of methods obtained from statistics, data analysis, and machine learning that are prepared to extract and analyze huge volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Course Content

  • Analytics in Business
  • Organizing Business Analytics
  • Data Dictionary – Data Types -Data Handling
  • Business Data Using Excel
  • data calculations in excel.
  • Formatting of data calculation
  • MS Excel functions
  • Sorting, Filtering & Validation
  • Charts-Pivot Table
  • Data Tools Panel.
  • Macro Recording
  • Trends and Scenario using charts
  • Advanced charting
  • Designing Dashboard
  • Basic of Statistics
  • Data types and measures
  • Random Varieties
  • Probability Applications and Probability distribution.
  • Graphic Representation of data for analysis
  • Continuous probability distribution
  • Discrete probability distribution
  • Computing probability from a normal distribution
  • Central limit theorem
  • Application of Analytics
  • Analytics vs Data warehousing
  • MIS Reporting
  • Terminology in Analytics
  • Analytics Methodology
  • Various Analytics tools and their usage
  • Probability Distribution
  • Types of Distribution
  • Numerical Measures of Central Tendency Data
  • Numerical Measures of Variability
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Statistical Methods –
  • Z/t –tests, ANOVA
  • Correlations and Chi-Square
  • Getting started with Python
  • Features of python
  • Variable Operators in Python
  • keywords and identifiers.
  • Comments
  • Command-line arguments Getting use input
  • Reading and Writing data files
  • Data frames
  • Functions and Loops
  • Special utility functions
  • Merging and Sorting data
  • Data Structure & Data Types
  • Importing Data (txt, dlm, Excel, CSV, etc)
  • Database Input
  • Exporting data
  • Viewing Data
  • Variable & Value Labels
  • Numpy Array (creation and basic operations)
  • Numpy universal function
  • Selecting and retrieving data
  • Data slicing
  • Iterating Numpy Data Shape
  • Manipulating Stacking and splitting Arrays
  • Copies and Views
  • no copy, shallow copy, deep copy
  • Arrays of indices
  • Boolean Arrays
  • Sorting and Ranking
  • Missing Values
  • Merging data Concatenation
  • Combining Data Frames Pivot
  • Duplicates Binning
  • Pandas
  • Object creation:
    • Series Object, DataFrame Object View Data
  • Selecting data
    •  Label
    • Position Data Slicing
  • Boolean Indexing Setting Data
  • String methods
  • Merge Data: Concat, Join and Append
  • Grouping and Aggregation
  • Reshaping
  • Analyzing Data for missing values
  • Filling missing values: fill with constant
  • forward filling, mean Removing
  • Duplicates
  • Transforming Data
  • Matplotlib basic plots and its containers
  • Matplotlib figure
  • components and properties
  • Axes and other
  • graphical objects
  • Data for Matplotlib Plots
  • Introduction to Subplot
  • Modifying the size of figures
  • Plotting routines with pyplot
  • Customizing your pyplot
  • Deleting an Axes
  • Setting up Plot Title, Axes Labels,
  • Legend,
  • Layout Showing
  •  Saving and closing your Plot
  • Saving a Plot in an image file and pdf file
  • CLA (), clf () or close
  • Logistic Regression Model Selection
  • Scoring
  • Predictive Modeling Techniques
  • Decision Trees, CART, Neural Networks, Deep Learning
  • phases of Predictive Modeling
  • Simple Linear Regression Multiple
  • Linear Regression
  • Building a Linear Regression Model
  • Model Diagnostic and Validation
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  • History of Machine
  • artificial intelligence(AI)Vs machine learning(ML)
  • Data science vs Machine Learning
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Phases of Machine learning modeling
  • Data preparation using modeling Train test split
  • Evaluation of the model
  • Logistic
  • Regression
  • Naïve
  • Bayes SVM
  • Decision Tree
  • Regression
  • Linear
  • Regression SVR
  • KNN Ridge
  • Regression
  • Model Complexity
  • Generalization
  • Performance
  • Connection between Model
  • complexity and Generalization
  • Performance Importance of the feature
  • Scaling Regularization
  • Cross-validation for model evaluation
  • Optimizing performance of Machine Learning models
  • Ensemble Learning
  • data leakage in machine learning
  • Recommendation Engines
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Document retrieval
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Introduction to Tensor flow
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Overview
  • Markov Decision Process (MDP)
  • MDP – Finding Optimal Policy
  • Example of an MDP and
  • Bellman Equations
  • Finding patterns in text:
    • text mining
    • text like a graph (Natural Language Processing)
  • Sentiment Analysis with R Word Cloud
  • analysis using R
  • Social media analytics
  • twitter data with twitter API
  • Feature engineering with text data
  • Fine-tuning models by using
    • hyper parameters,
    • grid search,
    • piping etc.

Final Project

  • Project Submission
  • Interview Preparation
  • Personality Development
  • Internship/Placement

SASVBA Is a Highly Recommended Institute in Delhi NCR. We provide 100% Placement Support So that Students Would not have any Burden of Placements.

We have Collaborations with TCS, Wipro, Infosys, JIO, Airtel, Tech Mahindra, HCL, IBM, etc. These Companies help us to Place students in inappropriate Companies. according to their Skills. SASVBA Institute is trending because We Successfully Placed Almost Thousands of Students in Appropriate Companies that’s SASVBA is the Best Data Science training institute in Delhi/NCR.

  • SASVBA is One of the most famous institutes in Delhi NCR and had trained thousands of students in this field
  • SASVBA provides an opportunity for students to work on Live projects
  • SASVBA Converts a Normal Student to an I.T. Professional
  • SASVBA Provides Recorded Classes
  • SASVBA Offers Online IDE’S, Live Classes, Online Debug Sessions
  • SASVBA Provides Study Material: E-Books, Books, Notes
  • SASVBA Placements team arrange interview Calls to students After 70% percent, of course, has been Completed.
  • To Increase Experience of Student Our Team and Students Collaborate to Work on Live Projects
  • SASVBA also Provides Aptitude Training for students to crack interview rounds.
  • We Also Help Students to Write a Job Specific Resume.

Today, there is a very high demand for Data Science. We are now living in the world of Automation. Therefore, there is a high demand for Data Science.

One Can Easily Customize their Course According to their requirements also provide custom training programs so that we can fulfill the Expectations of the students.

Today, there is a very high demand for Data Science. You can see Automation everywhere. Therefore, there is a high demand for Data Science.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Stack overflow, GitHub, YouTube, Space X, Tesla, Microsoft, etc.

Start by learning a basic programming language like python when you get familiar with it then start a disciplined course of ML.

Recorded lectures Are provided if you miss any class you can see them and continue with us.

Our Students are working with companies like:

  • Genpact
  • Infosys
  • TCS
  • Airtel
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Idea
  • Reliance
  • HCL
  • And Many More……

“A data scientist does model-driven analyses of our data; analyzes to improve our planning, increase our productivity, and develop our deeper levels of subject matter expertise. A data scientist works at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels, sharing insights with the business.”

We talk about technology making revolutionary changes in our dynamic lives, whether through gadgets, the internet, social media, accessible activities, or any applications. With a click of a button, a couple of scrolls, and swipes, we are updated with the world within minutes, and we don’t even realize how grateful we are that our lives have turned this easy and hassle free because of technology. Ordering food, clothes, traveling, paying bills, entertainment, interacting with colleagues or friends, working on assignments and presentations, it doesn’t just stop there but continues to grow exponentially. We do feel protective over our phones and passwords, starting and ending our day with a glance over them, but do most of us care to think twice about what is at the root of this while playing a major part in its development?

Data Science and Data Analysts.

Not a lot of students are strangers to this course or this profession. Data analytics courses in delhi ncr. One of the most demanding careers with high competition, structure, and focus.

Collecting data is not the only main task as the process of researching and exploring (even though it is the basic task to build any eye-catching product or model) however how to use that data, how to gain maximum solutions through it and its application to build the idea and then later on implement is just as imperative and integral to the development of any basic model or application through this. To provide solutions, predict outcomes, and solve problems is what basic data science is all about. scientist course is a more forward-looking methodology, an exploratory path that focuses on dissecting the past or current information and foreseeing and predicting outcomes while working on building programming which provides an immediate solution after settling that extracted and cleaned data before deploying and generating consumer reviews and working around it to give the final result. It addresses the open-finished inquiries with regards to “what” and “how” occasions happen.

Let us discuss what is data science in brief;

  • The first procedure that is is that of requirement and where the problem lies, moving forward to that collection and gathering of data to research ideas and solutions about this problem and,
  • then the cleaning takes the place of extra data as needless data can create more issues and
  • then the stage of data exploration and the analyzing
  • The next stage is data modeling, and then comes the data validation, where the model is tested and compared, and the outcome is analyzed.
  • At the very end, the deployment is finally brought in optimization is carried through.

 This is how the entire data process is carried through, but how do we carry this through, and where do we start? There are many doubts, questions, and underlying problems at the heart of this course, which is basic data science, and thus it is necessary to get the right material to learn about this and implement it.

Who is a data scientist, what is their role, and what are their responsibilities? One may think of these questions before they can even begin this profession’s journey and choose it as a career-making their futures all about it.

An individual who chooses to work in data science, extract data, and work with key factors such as data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. They work with a few components identified with arithmetic, measurements, software engineering, etc. (however, they may not be specialists in every one of these fields). They use their data collection and implement it in their recent innovations in discovering arrangements and arriving at conclusions that are urgent for associations and business’ development and advancement. A data scientist or a Data Analyst looks at that data and its history from various angles. For troublesome or head-scratching questions, data scientists become investigators. They inspect the leads and attempt to comprehend the patterns or attributes of the data received and collected. This requires a great deal of insightful imagination and precise detailing. Apart from that, these individuals should also have the ability to bring forth the right inquiries and pose appropriate questions while having the subtle and proper amount of curiosity and ability to ask logical questions and possessing problem-solving skills along with analytical thinking. Now that user-friendly guides and accessibility have been put forth by various online courses, materials, and easy-to-view course structure and processes- training and learning about this field is getting easier by the day.

This cannot be asked from any data science institute but the best data science institute in India that promises to nurture and help you flourish in this field. Many data science pieces of training Delhi or and India can provide you the course details and structure; however, only the best institutes for data science can stick with you throughout this journey of exploring more about this field of data science and accompany the student every step of the way. Like Paruchuri said, without motivation, we will stop halfway and trap ourselves in guilt even when the fault is not ours but how we are taught and guided.

One needs the best data science institute in India to remotely groom and improve their knowledge of Data Science and learn the specifications with utmost precision to use it to land further opportunities and make groundbreaking developments.

When we talk about how virtual life has made things more easy and accessible, online education and teachings are the same. This is also something that SASVBA offers, from Python, Probability, Statistics, and R Programming, which offers both weekday and weekend classes and training modules to prepare students theoretically and realistically for this profession prepare them for data scientist and data analyst jobs for Freshers in Delhi NCR. For the comfort of their students, which is the utmost concern and priority. Apart from that, this data science institute’s course structure is filtered and customized according to the needs of its students and their demands. The competition for data science jobs in Delhi and data analyst jobs in Delhi NCR for freshers is at its peak and does not seem to be faltering any time soon; however, it is as demanding as it is broad and rich. Like AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, has already dug its roots in the world and its society; however, within 10-20 years, it will completely take over the world more than it has now.

The demand for such courses will then be that its learning and application will increase 10 times fold. SASVBA Institute has everything up to date along with supportive pieces of training, full guidance, motivation, and high-performance computers.

Now, let us explore that if someone is new to the field of data science and is strolling around the field to examine if it is worth it or not, for them to research more on how data science, in general, has made our lives revolutionary, exciting and hassle-free, even if that is not how the common population is aware or up to date related to such topics. For them, to break it into easy pieces about how data science, in general, applies in our lives and then moves onto how it affects our lives daily or for day-to-day activities.

How does Data Science apply in our daily lives?

If one speaks vaguely, we can look anywhere, and data science would have something to do with it. From any apps that we have access to, our banks and the interest rates, any major or minor firm, even the wall street, and stocks are used and are around us everywhere. From booking a cab and receiving that the fare rates fluctuate or compare statistics for any major firms, Data science surrounds us explicitly, and half of us are not even aware of it entirely or in-depth.

  • Image Recognition–

From opening your phones with face recognitions to getting suggestions on pictures for whom to tag when the particular app recognizes their face and so many more is something that has been made possible after the algorithm provided by image recognition and data science in general.

  • Google/Internet Search–

From every search engine like google, yahoo, bing, etc., the algorithms used to provide people with statistics for articles, keywords, best content instantly with just a click is also something that has been served to us through the blessing of Data Science.

  • Digital Marketing–

From the promotional activities to highlight and enhance the credibility of any brand to the online presence to bringing in targeted customers, their preferences, cleaning and storing that data for future reviewing as well as a simple cookie algorithm or the number of likes that you get is because of the dependency on Data science algorithm.

  • Foreseeing and predicting outcomes–

The finance sector was one of the firsts to bring in data science to improve and develop. However, they realized the importance of statistics, records, and the stored data, which after further assessment, could not only give them extra knowledge but also provide them with outcomes to avoid losses and detect risks or frauds shortly to save their clients and warn them after the prediction. Categorizing them with profiles, expenditures, and other aspects to minimize faults and maximize customer satisfaction is something that data science made possible.

  • Accessibility of Applications–

Each individual installs hundreds of applications every day on their mobile phones, IPads, and laptops. With a few clicks, you see hundreds of application based on your preferences or what you chose in the past, which is also data storage but after the installing of applications, such as gaming, health app, fitness tracker, bookings, online transactions, such applications are allowed to the Artificial Intelligence which in itself is such a big and foremost dimension of Data Science.

  • Firms/Business–

Any firm, business of any sector, or any organization, be it on a small or large scale, have more data to play with than ever imaginable. Depending on what the organization is about, from data that circles around employers, that of business statistics, figures and numbers, then keeping information of customers and building in development progressions to maintain the data of the company, keep in check the figures, feedbacks, and reviews and along with it constantly working after keeping a close eye on it on the prospects of the company and coming up with constant improvements and models.

  • Employment–

Data Science as a whole not only opens thousands of new horizons for people to explore jobs in this sector but also indirectly through technology, accessible virtual opportunities, and jobs that are easy to conduct online or through a stress-free approach is something else that data science made easy. Directly, many firms and companies are actively recruiting and placing individuals in this sector because of the benefits, creativity, and success hidden beneath it.

A clear example of a data science scenario will be;

A counselor is actively seeking jobs and stumbles upon the idea of Past life regression, something that they have learned and gained knowledge about previously. This person starts to seek a job actively and search for Past life regression in Chennai as that is their preferred location to work. When this person finds a suitable job, they go on the website and fill an application. This application is amongst that of a hundred other applications. The employers have now received all these employees; however, they are looking for certain traits and skills. It is natural they do not possess the time to go through all the applications as it is one of the most reputed centers in Chennai and has more than 50 clients to deal with daily, keeping in mind their profiles, personal data, records of patients, and their cases, their expenditure and budgets and all these data goes in one computer, however, to categorize and analyze it, they have a team of different superficials. The recruitment team accesses the forms by searching with their topmost needed skill. However, the particular app they use for filtration has already warned them about certain profiles based on data stored in that application about how many of the candidates who have applied to their jobs have backed out of their previously filled job, which can help their center remove certain people with a reputation and helped them predict which candidate is not fit for their company. The person who applied before has that particular top trait that the center was looking for and then going ahead for the further procedure to shortlist her profile, access her personal information to contact her through a pre-recorded message, and calling her for a walk-in-interview to assess her further and see if she is the right candidate for the past life regression therapy that they offer. In such a case, only a data scientist or someone with easy access to technology can guess the amount of data, figures, and statistics that went. More than 7-8 evident examples of data mining, data collection, data clearance, and machine learning helped the candidate get hired for a job. They helped the recruiter find the desired candidate for the therapy that circles around past life regression in Chennai.

It is evident with many such clear as day examples that data science is at the heart of every problem and solution that our lives revolve around, even that of day to day activities.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and the growth of Data Science as a profession, interest, or mere curiosity, Data science as a subject is compelling students to find out more about it and contributing to its diverse field.

Coming to the opportunities and jobs in data science, where the student will be applying this training and all their hard-earned knowledge. The career opportunities have subcategories in this field; however, the most searched and known ones are; Data Scientist, Data Analyst, BI, Data Architect, Data Engineer; however, to reach these particular sector having an educational background is a top priority, even though there are many best data science institutes in Delhi to teach one the subject from scratch yet an educational background in this field always adds to the advantage, then comes the training programs and training courses in Delhi, depending on the location it is always required to go for the best institutes such as searching for the best data science institutes in India, getting practical training, working on live models, circulating ideas and creativity in reality and working around it and then moving ahead for certificates to show your credibility. It is also imperative that one goes through extensive research to find out the best data science institute in Delhi and compare it with other institutes to select the one that suits his/her needs the most and that offers what they are selectively looking for and once they do that then sitting with someone who is either an experienced in this field or a trusted adult and discussing about the comparisons, the alternatives and everything they have to offer. One should not hesitate to reach out to numbers given online in case of any queries or issues and even visit the institute once to see if it is something that the student is comfortable with. Examination of the surroundings, the approach of the place and its staff, and the environment, in general, is something that a student should not miss if he/she decides to go ahead with that institute as only an environment that appears comfortable and trustworthy to the students would be worth investing in. It also comes down to thorough research from an individual’s part that which industry and sector they would be interested in and want to go further in, like healthcare, IT, Education, Finance or if one would like to go ahead with Startups or work under government-related jobs. Working explicitly and landing internships while studying is another thing to keep in mind, keeping your resume polished and updated and gradually improving your communication skills to do well in your interview. Any of India’s best data science institutes would take care of it, especially at SASVBA, where all the tiniest details are kept in mind, and the student is prepared with utmost grace and enthusiasm to take the first step towards their career.

To talk about landing good data analyst jobs in Delhi/NCR for freshers and data science jobs in Delhi, one can either look online or search more about their desired job category. According to statistics, an early level data scientist can earn around 500,000 INR per annum with a basic experience level. With any mid-level, a data scientist can go up to around 1,004,082, whereas it increases when the position goes up to that of a senior. For a data analyst, depending on the entry or mid-level experience, it can vary around 3 to 6,03,120, which also depends on location, organization, level, and the position of responsibility. For someone in the seniority level and having up to 8-9 years of experience, the pay range can also go up to 9,00,000 INR.

There are various reasons to contribute to this field and become a part of it. However, the most common ones are; the roles are diverse, demanding, and highly paid, especially if one dreams of landing data analyst jobs for freshers in Delhi ncrOne before applying to jobs can also refer to the various factors and assess which location has a high demand in this particular sector and your preferred role to see if it is affecting the salary packages and then choose accordingly as Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are highest paying areas for jobs in data science and the relative field. The salary can also be differentiated due to the skill possessed by every individual or their background in this field, that is, if someone has done this course from the best college in data science or a well-reputed institute or have prior work experience, which is something that is taken care by the individual on a personal and preferable basis, however when any such individual needs help with consultations there are many such private firms to help and guide students efficiently.

As we mentioned, SASVBA, With the already vigorous and extensive course of data science, also provide consultation, personality development and help with a resume, references, internships, and placements and guidance which is no less than that of a god-sent due to their credibility, support, and constant motivation.

As evident, Data science is a much bigger spectrum than a box with four sides; it is a field that is not all settled. However, the one that is still booming, growing, and with it altering the world as it goes, and so if one is even a tad bit more intrigued or curious in this field, have resources and wishes to explore, create and learn more, then that is a knowledge that is widely being searched for and appreciated in this field. When one talks about the future, they already mention how Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world by its feet and will slowly climb its way up, all in positive aspects despite how every coin has two faces and two contrasting ideas attached to it. They mention Data science, technology, robots, improved versions of self-driving cars and what not and this development and progressive nature is at the heart of the individuals, especially students who are willing to step out of the comfort zone and do the extraordinary, something that has not been tapped on before and change the world again for the better.

For that, the right guidance, grooming, constant motivation, positive energy, and influence are needed. Thus that is why one needs to explore SASVBA, if not entirely register for it, as it is one of the best data science institutes in Delhi and will continue to help these budding seeds bloom to revolutionize the world as we know it. Everyone is familiar with the curiosity, energy, and adaptable mind of a student, and a student in themselves is aware of it. So at SASVBA, the promise to bring their positive attitude out and flourish it while guiding them towards the right direction with top-notch resources, learnings, schedules, structure, and care is taken care of in the past and will always be taken care of in the future just how these students will take care of helping the world grow and grow with it themselves.


SASVBA is the only institute that helps you to learn data science online through customized programs. No other institute practices customization for everyone. Here we have a dedicated team that can customize your course for you, depending upon your requirements. We provide 100% placement assistance to our student after their course completition. You can completely rely on SASVBA for your placements. Our team is available for you 24*7.

You can clear your doubts and queries whenever you need. We are offering various others courses too that include python, artificial intelligence etc. For each course we have a different dedicated team of professional and experts.

Our data science course is the most comprehensive data science training in Delhi. An introduction of data science widens up the opportunities for you to opt for data science internships too. Our team helps you in getting complete exposure with the outside world of data science and artificial intelligence. SASVBA offers the best data science training and that’s why considered to be the best institute for data science.