Will Data Science be replaced by AI?

Will data science be replaced by ai

No, Data science cannot be replaced by Artificial intelligence. In fact, in the coming times, artificial intelligence will assist data scientists in generating numerous changes of models along with various prediction features. Both AI and Data science go hand in hand; no one can replace the other. 

What is Data Science?

Data science is a field that uses various processes, scientific methods, algorithms and some systems to take information from unstructured and structured data. In a nutshell, you can say that the meaning of data is the unification of data analysis and statistics.

Why Data Science?

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Data science is spreading widely as the need to store big data is increasing. Data scientists help in breaking the big data; this big data is then converted into its most usable forms, and then it is stored. This has led to an evolution in the industrial sector as data science has led to the alteration of the business models of old industries into the new ones. Data scientists are the people who are capable of working on existing data and creating new meaningful one from that existing data only. Data scientists are experts from their fields. Some fundamental areas that contribute to data scientists are- engineering field, computer science, architecture, business sector. Mathematics is the most important criteria for data scientists as they require to maintain statistics.

Benefits of Data Science:

  • The data can be classified.
  • Grouping and classification are done by pattern detection.
  • Recognition of texts and images.
  • Helps in decision making.
  • Helps in optimization; this helps in risk management.
  • Creation of high-performance prediction engines.

Will Data Science be Automated?

Will Data Science be Automated.jpgYes, Data science is getting automated, and in the coming years, there are chances of data science to be fully automated. But it cannot be automated completely as only the lower-level tasks can be automated, not the higher-level ones. Lower-level tasks such as delivery, visualization and data cleansing can be automated. Data science cannot be automated on higher levels as machines are not at all smart to cope with the processes of data preparation. For this purpose, humans are required.

What is AI?

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Ai is the intelligence that is denoted by machines. As humans denote human intelligence; similarly, artificial intelligence is denoted by engines. These machines are programmed in such a way that they are capable of mimicking human actions. These machines can think like humans and perform human tasks such as planning, learning and problem-solving. The increasing automation has raised in a number of questions in people’s mind. 

Kabbala Rajagopal Reddy is the father of AI in India. He was born on 13th June 1937. He was an American computer scientist and has contributed a lot in the field of artificial intelligence.
Ohn Mc Carthy is considered to be the true father of artificial intelligence. He was born in Boston.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

  • The rate of error occurrence can be reduced by using artificial intelligence.
  • Accuracy and speed are the main advantages of artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence machines are capable of even entertaining humans. Such machines come in the form of videogames and robotic pets.
  • Logical thinking without emotional pressure can be full filled through artificial intelligence.
  • Predictions can also be made about the user’s queries and searches.
  • Medical purposes, such as robotic surgeries can also be fulfilled by artificial intelligence.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

  • The major disadvantage of AI is that it is not at all economical. It can cost you a lot of money and time. The rebuilding and repair cost for robotic machines is very high. 
  • Even ethically having human-like machines is not at all correct.
  • Storage of such machines also costs you a lot and can be expensive too.
  • They are not capable of performing tasks that they are not programmed for.
  • Unemployment will be a significant problem in the coming years if AI will overcome data science.
  • If these machines come in wrong hands, destruction can take place. In this case, the robots will supersede humans.

Artificial Intelligence in India

Artificial intelligence in India can drive India’s economic growth in the coming years.

Types of AI

  1. Theory of mind– this is the difference between the existing machines and the machines that we are going to make in future. These machines will be future machines and are more advanced than the existing ones. Theory of mind in engines will make them understand humans. That is full of emotions and thoughts. These machines are also expected to perform social interactions with humans. This is necessary from the safety point of view as if these machines are to walk among us; they should be able to understand our emotions.
  2. Reactive machines– the primary form of artificial intelligence systems is reactive, and they can never make memories. This means that they do not use past experiences for future predictions. This ability of artificial intelligence machines improves specific games quality.
  3. Limited memory– machines are capable of looking into the past. For example- self-driven cars. This feature requires the identification of objects for some time—self-awareness- machines development by keeping in mind the need to understand consciousness. Machines should be built that have a sense of consciousness and self-awareness among themselves. This can be considered as an extension of the theory of mind.

AI Companies In India

In the digital age, it is mandatory to give your business a digital touch. Digitization helps your company is growing.

Some of the AI companies in India 

  • Talentica software 
  • Third eye data
  • Wowlabz
  • Accubits technologies INC
  • Algo scale technologies INC

Will Artificial intelligence replace humans?

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No, Artificial intelligence cannot replace humans completely. Artificial intelligence will only make the lives of humans convenient and easy, but it is not at all capable of replacing humans. If this thing happens in the near future, millions of people will be losing their jobs. This can only occur if these artificial intelligence machines become capable of interacting properly, thinking like humans and responding exactly as humans do. Therefore, artificial intelligence machines cannot replace humans entirely as developing machines that function similar to humans is not an easy task to perform.

You can say that these machines will help humans in decreasing their workload at various places by assisting them to but saying this that AI will replace humans is entirely wrong and baseless. Such devices can be introduced to workplaces to reduce the chances of error occurrence, but still, they will need human supervision to perform the desired tasks.

We cannot deny that these machines are perfect from the logical point of view as they do not have emotions, but they are not suitable for other aspects of life.

Jobs that will be replaced by artificial intelligence:

  • Security 
  • Data services
  • Delivery services
  • Store clerks
  • Soldiers
  • Drivers

Jobs that will not be replaced by artificial intelligence:

  • Empathetic jobs
  • Creative positions such as authors and novelists
  • Strategic jobs
  • Human welfare jobs

Data Science Jobs in India:

Data science is the most promising carrier shortly. Data scientists are paid quite a fair amount even in the initial page too.

Some data science jobs in India are-

  • Data Science Jobs in India.jpgData engineers
  • Analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Administrator for database 
  • Statistician 

Which is better Data Science or Artificial Intelligence?

Data scientists use great technologies such as machine learning, cloud computing and data analytics for analyzing datasets, whereas artificial intelligence engineers develop applications such as language translators, visual identifiers etc. So, we cannot compare both these fields. Both data science and artificial intelligence are distinctive and vital too.

Wrapping Up

Both Data science and Artificial intelligence are capable of driving a business towards significant growth and height. The world needs more data scientists to fill the present technology gap globally and more of artificial intelligence experts to make our lives easier by decreasing our workload. sowed needs both of them for the smooth functioning of our lives.

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