What is the R Programming Language? Introduction & Basics of R

R is a programming language that is used to mine data, develop statistics and for analyzing data. Machine learning algorithms and linear regression are the two most important things included in R. R provide you with an utterly statistical environment. R offers us data structure features and operators in large numbers. Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentlemen developed R in the year 1933  at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is currently stated by the R Development Core Team. R’s heart is an estimated computer language that supports branching and looping as well as modular programming using roles. R allows integration with the ideas written in the C, C++, .Net, Python, or FORTRAN words for performance. R is easily obtainable under the GNU General Public License, and pre-compiled binary options are offered for various working methods like Linux, Windows, and Mac. R is free software classified under a GNU-style copy left and an accepted part of the GNU project called GNU S.

What is introduction to R?

For doing data analysis in R, we need to perform the following series of steps –

Programming, transforming, modelling, discovering and communicating the results.

R is not popular in academics, but many commercial companies are also using R as their programming language. Some of the companies using R widely these days are –

  1. Uber
  2. Google
  3. Facebook etc.

Health care industries and governments sectors are today using R at a large extent. If we talk about necessary uses of R at a large size. If we talk about the primary benefits of r, they are –

  1. Statics
  2. Machine learning
  3. Visualization
R for beginners

You can feel that R is disconcerting initially, but once you start understanding the language, it seems relatively easy. Some features of R that helps beginners are –

  1. Its libraries
  2. Its built-in functions
  3. Easy to understands roles.
What is R used for?

R is an open-source language, and its popularity is increasing day by day in statisticians and data scientists. Data scientist were previously using python frequently, but now R is also on their lists. A data scientist needs to maintain large data sets, so such languages make it convenient for them to store big data. R is most practised in the financial industry as the financial sector requires to maintain advance statistics. In the financial sector, R makes it an easier task to extract online asset data.

Advantages of R programming:
  1. An array of packages:R offers a wide variety of packages. It has over 10,000 packages in its CRAN repository this number of boxes in CRAN repository is continuously increasing. These packages attract all industrial areas.

  2. Open source:R is said to be a programming language of open-source type, that means R$ is easily accessible to everyone without any license or fee. R also offers you the privilege of contributing to R; you can customize its package and develop new packages.

  3. Support for data wrangling:R is the ideal solutions its support your data wrangling. You can change your messy topics into aligned one43s through packages such as dplyr.

  4. COMPATIBILITY – R is a highly compatible programming language. You can pair R with other programming languages such as Java and Python. You can even integrate it into numerous database management systems. Its high compatibility is also an important reason that has contributed to its rapid growth.

  5. PLOTTING AND GRAPHING– R helps you in doing quality plotting and graphing. We mean an aesthetically appealing graph. 

  6. ATTRACTIVE REPORTS – you can make eye catchy and attractive reports with the help of R programming language. Its offers packages such as shiny that’s make reports after data analysis extremely easier. For increasing user interactions, interactive web apps can also be made.

  7. PLATFORM INDEPENDANCY– R runs on each platform independently so it is considered to be platform – independent language. R can run easily on mac, Linux and windows.

  8. STATISTICS– R is considered to be a consistent statistics programming language, this make it even more dominant among different programming language.

  9. MACHINE LEARNING– It has the facility to carry out various machine function operations such as regression, classification etc.

  10. R for beginners:

    Fundamentals of R programming

    What is R?

    What is introduction to R?

    What is R programing course?

    R introduction

    Learn R programming with online.

    Courses and lessons

    Programming with r

    R programming language introduction

    What is R used for?

    Learn R programming for R beginners.

    Functions in R programming

    Advance R programing

     Advantage of R programming

  11. GROWTH – R is growing at a very rapid and continuous rate. It keeps you updated with all the features.

Disadvantages of R programming language:

  • Weak origin: It has a shared origin with ancient programming language ‘S’. Its base package does not support 3D graphics. With the additional package, you can have support to extra support to the 3D image. Ggplot2 is a prime example of such a package.

  • Security: R cannot be lodged into web applications because it lacks basic security features. Most programming language as python is embedded with basic security features, but R does not.

  • Handling data: R uses its physical memory to store objects. The memory requires by R is more when compared to python. As a result, it does not make R an ideal option to store big data.

  • Speed: R programming language offers you significantly less speed than python, which is a drawback for the R programming language.

  • Complicated– R is not an easy language. You need to have a good focus if you wish to learn R. you can find it challenging to learn R initially.
  • Algorithm implementation: IN R programming language, the algorithms are placed across various packages, so beginners find it challenging to implement algorithms.
  • From data science point of view when we see R it offers us feature such as-
  1. As R is an interrupted language, so it allows us to run code without use of any complier.
  2. You can put function into a single vector as R is a vector language.
  3. While performing genetics, data science use R to form proper statics.
  • From business point of view-
  1. It helps the financial firms in maintaining their statics.
  2. It gives you better visual.
  3. By using R programming company recruit R programming in place of data scientists.
  • From popularity point of view-
    In industries, R is considered to be a highly popular language. Initially it was just considered as an academically important language but now it has flourished in industry with the introduction of data science.
  • From community point of view-
    R is having great community support. Community supports come in supports for you when you have difficulty with programming language. If the community Is vast, then you can take help from the community to help you to solve your problem.
Is R worth learning?

Yes, definitely because of increasing career opportunities, R is important. The data science field us widening at a very rapid rate so the career prospects in R programming are also increasing with data.  In India we are look9ing skilled scientist and experts for the data science field. This has result in a tremendous demand for R programming professionals. Data scientist are ranked at the top in term of their salary package in IT industries.

So, if you wish to expand your career opportunities you can definitely enroll yourself in some good R programming course. Enrolling in a course is important from the certification point of view. As there are certain job which only consider your skills if you got a certificate in that.

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Why use R?
  • Data science means becoming the way businesses run their businesses. Without a doubt, staying away from Artificial Intelligence and Machine will start the business to fail. The big problem is which tool/language should you use?

  • They are plenty of tools obtainable in the market to make data analysis. Learning a new language needs any time investment. The negative relationship means that there is no free lunch. 

  • Stack Space is a big community for online courses for r programming styles. If you have a coding issue or want to understand a design, Stack Overflow is here to help. Over the year, the rate of question-views has risen sharply for R related to the other languages.
Data analysis with R is made in a series of actions; programming, changing, learning, modeling, and report the results.

Program: R is a straightforward and easy programming device

Transform: R is made up of a set of libraries created, especially for data science.

Discover: Investigate the data, refine your data and explain them

Model: best r training online a full collection of tools to take the right design for your data

Communicate: Integrate systems, graphs, including outputs to a story with R Markdown or build Bright apps to deal with the world.

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