What is Digital Marketing and types of Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing and types of Digital Marketing?

Growing digitization is leading to an increase in the demand for digital marketing. Digitization is basically the conversion of texts and pictures into digital format. Digital marketing is the part of marketing where we use technologies such as laptop and mobile phones to promote our services.

What is Digital Marketing?

In Digital marketing we use the internet as an asset to reach a massive audience. After the introduction to digital marketing the whole marketing scenario has changed, pamphlets and brochures are replaced by Emails and SMS. The social media groups are fully loaded with advertisement content these days.                                                

The sophistication of digital marketing took place after the 90s as access to devices capable of accessing digital media increased. With the introduction to social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter a sudden a spike was seen in the in digital marketing as people became dependent on such platforms.

How many types of Digital Marketing are there?

Types of Digital Marketing platforms

  • Search engine marketing: It helps in promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engines.

  • Mobile marketing: This includes Google Play and Apple store.

  • Online banner advertising: A web banner or banner advertisement is a form of advertising distributed by an ad server on the world wide web. This form of online advertising requires the ad to be embedded on a web page.

  • Social media marketing: This is the most stable form of digital marketing these days due to its increased usage. Social media is not just limited to teens, people of all age groups are active on social media these days.

  • Search engine optimization: It helps in increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website.

  • Content marketing: It involves the creation of content that attracts the attention of masses.


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What comes under Digital Marketing?

Digital media is of 3 types


The most popular platform for digital marketing is paid media. Here the brand uses a third party platform to endorse their goods or services. It is a good way of getting an audience. It works wonders for new brands as people get to know about them and out of curiosity or due to their trust in that third party they tend to try services offered by you. Paid media platforms can be both online and offline channels.

  • Some of the widely used paid media platforms are-  
  • Display ads
  • Podcast ads
  • SEM ads
  • Social media- It includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are considered to be the most effective ones these days due to their high engagement. Example: radio ads and print ads.



Under owned media the accounts are handled by the brand itself or the brand hires someone as their media team to handle their media. All the content under-owned media is published by the brand itself.

In owned media, the chances of lead generation are higher as compared to paid media as owned media completely functions under the brand norms and only the brand has the power to publish and scrutinize the content fully or partially, this helps the customers in developing trust.

Some owned media used are:

  • Social media – this can be considered as a game-changer if handled well. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has traffic in billions these days, so if a brand knows how to target audience on these platforms the entire scenario can be changed.
  • Blogs– Engaging your clients in what they actually want is the key to digital marketing. Good content can make a brand stand out. The brand should make the content by keeping in mind the client requirement and areas of interest.
  • Company website– the company website is the basic mediator between the client and the brand, so keeping this in mind the company website should be well maintained. In the company website making, the brand or company logo should stand out as it is the face of the brand. It will represent your brand. People tend to forget names but they do not forget visuals easily, so for the sake of good engagement the logo is of great importance.



  • Social media– it includes the sponsored posts
  • Word of mouth marketing– it basically involves the referral codes and costs that the company offers as a word of mouth.

What is Digital Marketing strategy?

Under the Digital marketing strategy, you make a plan that helps your business to achieve a desired digital goal with the help of paid, earned and owned media platforms (types of online marketing).

This strategy will help you in increasing awareness of your brand. By increasing the awareness, new clients and increased income can be translated.

Marketing should be done in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.

4 Major marketing strategies are:

  • Relation marketing– it helps in enhancing the relationship of the brand with its existing customers.
  • Cause marketing– it involves the linking of the services or the products offered by the company to a social cause.
  • Undercover marketing– under this, marketing is done in a way where a customer doesn’t realize that they are being marketed to.
  • Scarcity marketing– under this sort of marketing the seller aims to develop a fear of shortage of products or services in the customers.

Marketing for startups can be difficult as knowing from where to start creates a lot of confusion. What works for one business may not work for another business, so here comes the point where you need to analyze what exactly your business need. This will be considered as smart marketing.

Some Tips for Internet Marketing

  • Establishing goals– the end result should be kept in mind before starting any strategy as this will help in setting up the goal. The goals should be small initially as they can be achieved easily. Later on big goals can be set and ultimately you will achieve your desired goal. The goals should always be reasonable and realistic, you can think of buying a plane with your initial earnings. Structure your main reason for digital marketing beforehand.
  • Leadership– people have a wide range of options to choose from on internet, so brand establishment here place a very important role in getting audience. Your audience should consider you as a leader or an expert in your domain, this will force people to come to your site and ultimately getting business.
  • Consistency– you need to be consistent with your content. Regular blogs help the customers in getting information related to your brand. Every reader has different taste, so being consistent offers the reader numerous things to read.
  • Website optimization– you need to figure out how to get traffic to your website.
  • Market yourself effectively– instead of diving into 50 things take 5 things and concentrate on them to achieve your goal. Prioritization of things needs to be done will planning strategy.

Basic Ethics of Digital Marketing

  • SEO– you can use keywords, but do not rely on keywords completely for the whole content. Your website and blogs should have unique and good content. The content should be based on your audience’s requirements and interests.
  • Emails– spammy words should be avoided while writing an email, as the reader will be least interested to read such emails.
  • Facebook/ Instagram– avoid posting 100% promotional content on your profile. You should instead post some good amount of non-promotional content too.

Understanding of 5Ds of digital marketing is also very important. These 5Ds are:

  • Digital devices
  • Digital platforms
  • Digital media
  • Digital data
  • Digital technology

These 5Ds are reshaping the global business sectors these days.

The first D-digital devices mainly focus on the target audience interaction and engagement with the connective devices on your website.


Here are some free and paid programs for digital marketing-


It helps us in collecting and analyzing website traffic data. You are awarded a certificate after an exam upon analytics.


It is free of cost digital marketing certification program. Under this Google provides you a wide range of educational content on its platform.


Video marketing is the most efficient and engaging form of content format these days. Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.


It involves the study of different aspects of content marketing.


It is a completely online course. It includes content related to SEO, social media marketing, mobile marketing, digital advertising and many more.


It is an educational program by Facebook which includes multiple educational contents that are suitable for almost all levels.

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