What is Advanced Excel?


What is Advanced Excel & it's features

Advance Excel is a form of basic excel only; the difference between the two is efficiency to function. With the help of advanced excel, you can create advanced formulas to use. Advanced excel formulas that are used to develop such formulas are LEFT, MID, CELL, RIGHT. Excel enables you to design and use spreadsheets, graphing, creating tables, performing calculations, and automating big data to business tasks.

Advanced Excel functions are different in every organization; the process of excel varies from organization to organization. The uses of excel to change depending upon any organization’s needs.


Features of Advanced Excel:

It will be surprising for you to know that every excel user uses its tricks while using excel. Even if you wish to get tips on advanced excel, every individual will tell you a different story. So now get into the features of excel.

1) Formatting conditionally

It is the most important feature of advanced excel. It is as essential as conditional formatting can bring out the patterns of the universe, as you capture in your spreadsheet. For a better understanding of this feature, let’s take an example of a spreadsheet with data of numerous employees, now if you want to know the names and number of the top-performing hires of your organization. What will you do? Will you manually check everything? The answer is a big no. you can use this feature of excel to highlight such information in your excel sheet. This is the reason why experts consider this as the most important feature of advanced excels.

2) Pivot tables

Pivot tables make it convenient for you to manage your data as with the help of pivot tables you can sort, count your data, and even you can take the average of your data. This is the coolest feature and is loved by everyone. The only disclaimer that you should keep in mind while using pivot tables is that your data should be clean.

3) Adding multiple rows

This s the most commonly practised feature of spreadsheets. If you wish to select more columns than one, then first choose as many columns you require and then you can add them by doing right-click.

4) Paste

Copying data from one cell and then pasting it on the other is also a very random thing that we practice while using excels.

5) Absolute references

Here it is considered that the dollar in front of the letter will fix the column.

6) Print optimization

People face issues while printing from excel. There is a specific misconception that you always tend to print that you never intended to. But this is not at all correct it is possible to print the thing that you intend to. Few components to this are fit to one page, print preview, margin adjustments, print selection, printing headers, spreadsheet design etc. you should be skilled in doing this as required again and again in your work life.

7) Extend formula down

The scalability of excel is effortless. This makes the most useful one as you need to get the right formula once else excel figures out everything. It can make out the correct calculations numerous times.

8) Flash fill

Excel has a mind of its own. Excel developed its mind back in 2013. This feature helps a lot of people, and it is easy to perform too.

9) Index match

It is considered to be the most powerful one among excel functions. For example, if you have a spreadsheet with data of almost 1000 people but you want to highlight or check the data of only ten people, this feature helps you.

10) Filters

It helps in the exploration of the data in a given table quickly.

Advanced Excel Charts

Advanced Excel Charts.jpg

An advanced Excel chart is very different from the necessary maps. Using advanced excel data charts, you can compare one set of information with the other by using a different set of data. The primary function of an excel chart is to provide information in a single map; this information is represented in a way that is easy to compare and hence this makes the decision making easier. They even help using customizing charts.

Uses of Excel in Business

Every business today needs the help of various software and tools to manage its functions and operations smoothly.

Some of the basic and common uses of excel in a business are-

  • Excel is considered the best tool for data entry and storage. Data entry and storage are very important for an organization as it helps the employer keep the record of every employer.

  • For accounting and budgeting too, we use excel in a business; spreadsheets are used to maintain accounts of the organization.

  • Data analysis can also be done with the help of excel.

  • Business data is verified too with the help of excel only.

  • Forecasting is also a primary function of excel; forecasting involves reporting and reviewing results in any business. It is important from a growth point of view.

  • We can use raw data to make consolidated charts that can be further used to present formal reports.
Advanced Excel Functions and Formulas

Excel formulas work like magic they make the most complex and time-consuming equations and problems related to statistics, math, science, business etc. 

After reading this you might be wondering that what excel formulas are and they might be tough to understand, but there is nothing like that, excel formulas are easy to understand.

Excel formulas save you from wasting your time, and even they decrease the chances of risk.

Now, as we have read about excel so much, you all might be interested in knowing how one can learn advanced excel skills.

There are numerous options available today for you if you wish to learn advanced excel as this field is multiplying.

One such option is the SASVBA institute. It is a prime institute located in DELHI. SASVBA is offering you courses in advanced excel; you can even learn excel by the ease of your home as we are offering you both online and offline classes keeping the current COVID scenario in mind. Our institute is the best when it comes to advanced excel training in DELHI. We have an excellent team of professionals that assist you throughout your course. Our placement assistance makes us different from all other advanced excel training institutes in DELHI. We provide you with 100% job assistance after your course completion. 


Whatever course or advanced excel training you go for, keep one thing in mind that it should involve certification after your course completions as only skills will be of no use if you wish to make advanced excel a serious career option. Before enrolling yourself into any course research well about that place.

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