The Most Innovative Things Happening with Artificial Intelligence

The Most Innovative Things Happening with Artificial Intelligence

Everyone knows who is Iron Man. He made Jarvis, Edith, Friday, etc. Virtual Assistant Who help him in managing in the Marvel movies. What if I tell you all those things are now possible? You think I am crazy it is not possible but it is true.

 Companies Like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. are working on these epic projects and have gained a lot of success. They also published some of their work for public use like: Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

You must have heard about Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors, Space, Open Artificial Intelligence, Neuralink, etc. Most of his companies are working on Artificial Intelligence


  • NeuraLink – NeuraLink to help Disable people by technology
  • Tesla Motor – Self Driving Electrical Cars
  • Space X – Human Mars Settlement – Reusable Rockets

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All these things are possible some are working and some are in development phase this would give you an idea about how much innovative work is going on artificial intelligence. That’s why there is very high demand of artificial Intelligence in 2021 and has very good pay scale.

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