Python Training: Expectations vs. Reality

Python Training: Expectations vs. Reality

People usually think why to learn a programming language more specifically why to learn Python. They usually expect that it requires only a week to learn machine learning / Deep learning / Web Development after learning Python but the reality is far away. The expectation of a new programmer is very high which is good but it is also very important to know all Practical realities. First I would like to answer:

Why to learn Programming?

“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think”.

  ~ Steve Jobs

(Late CEO Apple)


What is Python?

Python is a high level programming language. Python is used for developing Window based Applications, Web Applications, Mobile Applications etc. It is one of the most popular programming language of 2020. It also supports Machine Learning and Deep Learning which makes it an essential toolkit programming language for everyone.

The reality is it requires time and patience to learn a new computer skill because it requires a lot of dedication focus and practice. Yes, Practice is the Key. It also has a very huge community support and it is easy to understand but it requires time patience and practise to master python or any other programming language.

Sometimes it is also considered from where you get skilled SASVBA is One of the most famous institute in Delhi NCR and had trained thousands of students in this field. We also provide online Python training for data science.

Why Should You Join SASVBA?

  • We Has Experienced Faculty (6+years)
  • We use Latest Tools and Frameworks
  • We have Good Placement Support
  • We Provide Recorded Classes
  • We Offers Online IDE’S
  • We Provide Live Classes
  • We Arrange Online Debug Sessions
  • We Provides Study Material: E-Books, Books, Notes
  • We Reward course Completion Certificate
  • We Provides Personality Development Classes for Interview preparation

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