Is Machine Learning like a teenager?

Is machine learning like a Teenager?

When we start comparing a teenager with other older people, we will always encounter a lot of differences between them. Teens are more curious about learning new things, new ideas, trends in technology, fashion, invention, discovery, and many more things. We have always heard that teenage is a very sensitive period of life, where a child can turn into a person (worthwhile or worthless ) depending upon what he/she see, observe and analyze happening around him/her because they are just like clay, they will take the shape in which their surrounding turns them into.
In our day-to-day life, we always come across many things where we are analyzed by not only people around us but also the online sites we use.

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Whenever we download the app or purchase a product online, we are being analyzed by similar online platforms when we rate the apps and review their products. Like we have seen many a time while watching videos of the same creator or listening to the same zoner of a song for a long time, or regularly, then the online platform suggests us the videos of the same creator, when we use that app/online platform in future, here these sites are analyzing us based on our past activities and suggest the same shortly, and what comes to these sites and apps to analyze humans is the concept of
machine-learning, which has become a gigantic tool for big corporates and platforms.
When I compare machine learning with a teenager, you guys will say that I am insane. Still, machines are indeed learning very much like teenagers. To understand this fact more carefully, let’s assume a situation. When a child is in his/her early stage of life, he has very little knowledge about the society, or we can say the surrounding world, then he starts analyzing his/her elder ones like elder siblings, parents their uncle/aunty and who so ever he/she idolize, and that’s how they perform the activities occurring into a similar situation shortly, as we all know that machine learning also performs the same.

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So, make sure if a child is getting rude, misbehaving, obeying/disobeying his elder, all in all, he learned to form the same!!.
As humans create all techniques, so indeed, most of the processes on the internet are co-related to each other, but the only aspects machine learning lacks behind humans are emotions; machine learning only calculates the things according to mathematical data it receives.
And, indeed Humans are and will always remain
superior to machines.

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