Importance of R Programming

Let’s take a situation, a person living in a joint family was asked to bring monthly food items every month, initially, it was quite difficult for him to record the cost and quantity of food items brought. He prepared a list of price, the number of food items in tabular form, that made it easy for him to calculate the things, and a similar situation arises during the types of small Data we need to tackle with.

Importance of R Progamming-background.jpeg
Now, assume another situation in which, there is a Small Business with an annual turn over of about 50 lakhs to 1 crore, being a small business with less number of transactions, the owner of the company records the transaction itself, but when turn over exceeds and went over one crore, it becomes a bit difficult for
him to do so manually, so now the owner has to hire a skilled person for the same to keep all the data of the company in a computerized manner, and nowhere the R Programming comes in, it records the Data statistically and graphically, which reduces the burden of a firm owner or any other person tackling the same situation in maintaining the companies data when it moved further as expected by the owner more gently.
Usually, analyzing Data using.
R programming reduces the chances of mistakes, and it helps in increasing the benefits of companies in terms of workforce, investment, shareholdings, hiring and many more.

R Programmer records all the data in a graphical form, which makes the Data appears to be more familiar to everyone who doesn’t even know D of the data.
R Programmer can help the company to increase its profit share,
remove the shortcomings and more importantly helps to avoid any fraudulent activity by any co-worker or any outsider.
You might have seen many times that in a newspaper, magazine or any book people generally read the things in a tabular form or a graphical form just because of its easiness to understand and read rather than reading articles which is time-consuming aspect and this is how an R Programmer represents the things comfortably and more conveniently, and that’s enough to prove that, R programming has a vital role to play in small and medium businesses.