Importance of Data Science Training

Importance Of  Data Science Training

Today data science is a highly demanded it is one of the hottest skill in the computer science industry. The knowledge of data science can act as game changer if used in software’s correctly but a lot of people don’t have the complete knowledge of data science which leads to slow the development cycle of the project which is not good for a company that’s why a lot of people have knowledge of data science but unable to crack the interviews of the desired post.

So the Question is:

What is Data Science?

Data science is a broad discipline. Data Science uses different approaches to mine information from organized and unorganized data. Data science is connected with data mining, machine learning, and big data which has been widely used by many companies.

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How to Learn A-Z Data Science?

One can start by learning a basic programming language like python. Python is the most popular language of 2020 and it is going to lead 2021. It is one of the easiest programming language to learn. It is widely used in machine learning.

So the first step is to learn python then it recommended to move to the concepts of Data Science like:

•       Analytics
•      Dashboards
•      Introduction of Analytics and Data Science
•      Sample and Population Probability Theory
•      Correlation
•      Moving from Linear to Logistic Regression
•      Machine Learning.
•      Branches of Machine Learning
•      KNN
•      Evaluation and model selection methods
•      K-Means clustering
•      Meaning and importance of deep learning
•      Text Mining concepts

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