How Data Science is changing the world?


Let us assume a situation when you as a student is trying to get admission without any knowledge of past records in the field of academics or results of that particular school/college, or a situation when a stock trader is purchasing stocks without any idea of the past performance of that specific stock. You will probably call this insanity. Why would anyone walk into any college having no past records or why any trader will purchase nasty stocks without analyzing its past performances, we have graphs, we have data, we have records, isn’t it? From the very first day of our life, our parents start maintaining our data but for whom? What’s the role? Why is it so? Well, to understand the role of data, we have to understand the purpose it serves not only to me, not only to you but probably all single species who can extract a conclusion from a set of organized or non-organized data. Today, humans have become so dependent on data that they cannot do any constructive and social work without getting engage with any data. Moreover, we can’t realize how mammoth the role data is playing in every second of our life.

As of now, we have made a little idea about the importance of Data Science but have you ever thought that this data is building a future which we have always dreamed of, from the day we started watching Iron man’s world! But who is making your dream’s sphere? It is a data scientist!

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Meaning of Data Science

Data science is the field of study that combines the deep interpretation of data, analyzing the data, and using that data to advance humans to the next step of technology, and the person who practices this field is known as a data scientist. Whether believe me or not but the job of the data scientist is the sexiest and why I am saying so, has a reason. Well, a data scientist is not like another profession, where you have to do work like a robot, but in this case, you are going to build one! Apart from a handsome salary, you will be the boss of this field; you will be the CEO of your profession.
But getting into this profession is not a piece of cake. You must have a deep interest and madness in programming; you must know mathematics as well as statistics on your fingers. You must be good at communication, and indeed we are! From almost a decade ago, our innovative experts have realized how vital and how vastly it is impacting our life. This vast data was not useful until and unless we put our efforts to extract something valuable from it. And there comes the job of the data scientist. His role starts with data and ends with it. The useful data extracted by scientists helps not only large corporates but also smaller and medium firms too. Without data science, you might have never heard of Artificial Intelligence(AI) or Machine learning(ML),
You might have never thought of Sophia ( a human-based robot ), you might have never thought of Alexa or Siri if humans haven’t compiled with data science.

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If human life has become so technologically oriented, it’s just the cause of Data science and data scientists. Data science is the first and probably foremost step towards data mining, data analysing, deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence in this era. Data science is changing the system which comprises dozens of loopholes and making it more efficient for the future generation.
Remember, the coming future is full of the exploited ecosystem, and it can only be balanced by the handful of co-operation between human and technology assets which we are going to build from data science and machine learning. Data scientists will dominate the coming spell of the future, and it is in your hands that you want to make the end or want to see the future being created.

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