Different Types of SEO In Digital Marketing

Different Types of SEO In Digital Marketing

Whatever sort of brand you have, your ultimate goal is to grow your brand by getting your brand business. 

  • Now here the question comes how to get business?
  • Digital marketing is the answer to your question?


What is Digital Marketing?

In a nutshell, we can say that Digital marketing involves activities performed through online media. Digital marketing helps you in lead generation, getting your brand noticed, getting your business. Digital marketing over other marketing techniques these days as advertising on the digital platform has numerous benefits. E.g., you don’t need to roam to market your products and services.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing helps in growing business effectively as the internet tops the list of marketing techniques. Digital marketing is the most economical method to market your product if you have the right strategy. The right system for Digital marketing is the strategy that is made smartly by keeping in mind your audience’s requirements. People of all age groups are highly active on social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making Digital marketing even more convenient.

Why learn Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is necessary as you need to market your brand economically and efficiently to get an audience. You should know the interests and this-interests of all age groups to sell your product or services. Strategies should be made by keeping your audience in mind. As in the end, your audience will help you in growing your organization. In the context of your organization’s growth, your content quality should be good. Your content should always be of acceptable quality as quality matters over quantity. This doesn’t mean that you can be inconsistent with your content; you should be incompatible with posting.  A company should plan everything according to its audience’s needs. People should not visit your site just because of referrals; in fact, your content should attract them.

Best way to learn Digital Marketing

Carving an excellent Digital marketing carrier is not at all hard. For learning Digital marketing initially, you should study well about market trends. Then enroll yourself in the right course and start learning, and get certified. Certification is essential from your carrier point of view. Seeking training from experienced Digital marketers can be of great importance for your carrier. Always be consistent with your learning, and there is still scope for improvement. So try working hard.

Types of Digital marketing:
  • Search engine optimization– It helps you in increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.

  • Social media marketing– Social media marketing involves using social media platforms and apps such as Facebook and Instagram to grow your brand. It is the most effective way of Digital marketing these days due to the large amount of traffic on such apps.

  • Content marketing– You should consistently market your content. The content must be relevant and attractive and should be of great use to your audience.

  • Email marketing– E-mail marketing is of great importance when we talk about Digital marketing, but spammy words should be avoided while writing marketing emails.

  • Mobile marketing– Under mobile marketing, we perform online marketing for mobile applications, social media, etc.

Types of Digital Marketing.jpg

Types of SEO:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you want to increase the quality and quantity of traffic for your website, you should go for SEO. The traffic coming to your website should be useful in terms of quality and quantity because:

Traffic Quality– The visitors, should not just visit your website for the sake of the suggestions they get from Google. Instead, they should be genuinely interested in the products or services that you are providing.

Traffic Quantity– Once you start getting quality traffic, then aiming quantity is not a big task. Your quality will help you in gathering the amount for your brand. So invest wisely in your grade. Getting organic traffic is a bonus as you don’t need to pay for this traffic.


  • White hat SEO– it has all optimization techniques that abide by Google’s search guidelines. If you do white hat SEO rightly, you can achieve high rewards with low risk. One needs to be patient with white hat SEO for the results, as it is a gradual process. It works according to the Google guidelines, doesn’t violate them. Examples of white hat SEO- making content after researching extensively on keywords. It doesn’t harm the integrity of your website.

  • Black hat SEO– the black hat SEO functions opposite to white hat SEO. It involves all sets of practices that involve violation of search engines’ terms of services. These practices can even lead to the banning of your site. So it should be avoided. If your business plan is long-lasting, in that case, you should avoid black hat SEO as it only helps you in getting short term success: black hat SEO tools – Ranker X and Scrape box.

  • Grey hat SEO– when SEO agencies are struck between black hat SEO and white hat SEO, they go for a grey hat SEO. It too has only short term advantages. You should not follow grey hat SEO tactics if you want a long-lasting result. The traffic will be gained in the early phase, but this traffic won’t be lasting, so choose wisely.

  • Negative SEO is considered unethical, as it consists of all the cruel practices to increase website ranking. People follow such practices to degrade their competitor’s search rankings. Abstain from negative SEO as it can even generate legal troubles for you and your brand.

Search engine optimization (SEO) TYPES.jpg

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2 Common Forms of Negative SEO: Hacking And Posting Fake Reviews
  • On-page SEO– creating high-quality content for your website, which attracts visitors to your site, lies under this category. URL optimization, external links, internal links are also important factors that account for on-page SEO. You should choose images that are not too big for writing descriptive file names. 

  • Off-page SEO– all the practices that take place outside your site for featuring higher in Google SERPs. Social media marketing and link building from other locations are standard practices done under off-page SEO. All the stuff you do outside your website also accounts for your website rankings.

  • Technical SEO– Technical SEO makes it easier for search engines to access and interpret your website. It is the optimization of your website for the crawling and indexing part. It is of great importance as it lets the search engine know that your website is of high value. That’s why the technical foundation of your website should be laid firmly, as it goes a long way in satisfying your users.
What is Link Juice In SEO?

It is a non-technical term that we use in SEO with reference to hyperlink’s SEO value. You can gather link juice from 

  • Quality content pageslink juice .jpg
  • High SERPs pages 
  • High-rank pages
  • Relevant content pages 
  • Popular social media pages

You cannot gather link juice from

  • Non indexed search pages
  • Irrelevant content pages
  • Paid links
  • Pages with numerous links

How to get more link juice?

Internal linking is the key to get more link juice. The optimization of internal linking should be done wisely to get more amount of link juice. External links prove to be of great importance in gathering link juice. Crawlers are used for the process of finding and fixating old links and reclaiming them.

Along with link juice, focus keywords also help you in growing.

What is a Focus Keyword?

A single term that can rank your page among the list of all other possible keywords is the focused keyword. Your entire page is evaluated by the plugin based on your focus keyword selection.

What is a Focus Keyword.jpg

Randomly inserting keywords to your page is of no use if you are not sure about the search volume of each word you are going to use. After all, you should only target a keyword if there are takers present for it. Many paid apps are available by which you can find the search volume of your keywords. Another way of finding the search volume is that you can look for some good ranked older posts. You can compare your keywords over there. Then by using Google trends, comparative search volumes, new keywords can be found. Go through your keywords religiously, and then finalize your focus keyword. Adding focus keywords is vital because random content posting to your site is of no use to the audience and is completely baseless. By doing this, you are wasting your time along with your consumer’s time. Consistently adding quality content to your website is considered to be a good SEO strategy. 

You can even check your previous posts to get an idea about the search volume of your keywords. Choosing the right keyword is not rocket science, but it is not an exact science. While choosing a keyword, go for a word you think will suit your audience. You should focus on the needs of your audience and post your content accordingly.

SEO in Business

SEO in business is essential as when you develop an SEO strategy, you tend to draw traffic to your website, which helps you get a fair amount of business and revenue. The search engines work on the principle of giving you unbiased results based on your search. A number of factors account for a website ranking by a search engine organically.

Various components such as H1 tags, content, keyword density, backlinks can boost your ranking.

  • H1 tags– these are the larger headers that are used to title the content. Thus, these H1 tags help you get an audience if someone searches for something relevant to the H1 tags.

  • Content– All the information present on the web is the content for the brand. When we talk about SEO content, then we keep in mind the meaning of SEO and content together, respectively.
For optimization of your content, you need to:
  • Research well on your keywords, as keywords help you in getting traffic to your website. Using keywords that already have a good search volume helps a lot in writing content for your website. Writing topics or including words that people are in search of will also help in gathering traffic to your website.

  • You should be clear about the concept of keyword optimization in your mind, as while delivering content, you should have good knowledge about where and how to write what. Keywords should be used in a way that achieves maximum search ability on search engines.

  • Your content’s logical organization is also essential as you should like an expert or leader of your domain in front of your audience. Writing spammy and useless things will never attract visitors. Everyone wants genuine and quality content these days. Suppose you involve yourself in the logical organization. In that case, the visitors will be staying on your website for a more extended period, and it will be easier for them to get the right information at the right time.

  • Promotional activities should be carried out along with all other activities. You can share your content on social networking platforms to build an audience. This will help in increasing visibility to your new content and ultimately will lead to the growth of your organization.
Types of SEO Content
  • Blogs– Blogs are the best way of creating SEO content. If the content of your blog is unique and realistic, it will attract visitors. Instead of working on the number of blogs, work on quality. Blogs are more likely to draw the attention of readers than other SEO content.

  • Product pages– These go hand in hand with almost all e-commerce retail sites. If you have a useful product page, then you can consider your SEO content to be good. The product page should be unique, realistic, and reliable.

  • Glossaries– Dictionaries are being vanished these days as people tend to use glossaries more because they are easy to use. You can capture the right amount of traffic by building a dictionary for your brand.

  • Articles– these are easy to write and of great importance too. They help you in getting visitors if you use the right keywords and publish unique content.

  • Video– People tend to understand better when they visualize something. Reading can be boring for some masses, so that you can opt for videos. There are many articles present on websites, but the numbers of videos are limited. So you can go onto a creative side and choose videos as your SEO content. Just keep one thing in mind that your video should be informative and related to your domain. Never spam your website with videos that are not related to your environment. E.g., if you are selling some product, then your video can be of your product tutorials. If you are selling some services, you can alter your video content to your services’ benefits. This entirely depends on you that how you want to market your product or services as in the end, it is your own brand. So be creative and experiment with different things. Start thinking out of the box.

  • Directories– Directories are beneficial and can attract visitors too. You can portray various links and resources related to your domain in directories.

While developing a strategy, keep your goal clear. Then know your audience by conducting surveys and performing analysis. Regular analytics should be made to figure out what is going in favor of your brand and what is not. It would help if you always kept an eye on SEO content. Repetition in strategies can be made if you record success for your previous system. You can update your previous content too if you wish to.

You should dive deeper into your content for higher rankings as it will help you understand your domain better. The page speed is also an essential aspect of SEO as no one has time for your page to load. They will simply open some other site instead.


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the inbound links in any SEO. They help in linking a website to a page of another one. Organic high search rankings can be done with pages that have large numbers of backlinks. Backlinks are also considered to be votes from other websites. These votes account for valuable, creditable, and useful content. Link building is the most important part of your SEO plan.

What are Backlinks.jpg

If you are asking a site for a backlink, then your content must be relevant. It does not mean that if your content is profitable, then you can get links. Everything here depends on relevancy. Your link request should clearly portray your value. You should also stop writing trashy articles and blogs just for the sake of quantity. As I said earlier, too, quantity is of no use without quality. Once you start sticking to this, you will ultimately begin to grow.

The content should be portrayed in a fair manner. This doesn’t mean that you should use hefty words or your content should be 100% grammatically accurate.

Local Citation SEO

Local citation helps the audience unveil businesses, and it also impacts the ranking of local search engines. Under the local authority, mention phone numbers, names, and addresses of any local company takes place. The source helps the search engines in building trustworthiness for your business. The local citation workers on a simple principle, i.e., if your information appears the same on numerous sites, then Google consider your business to be genuine and operational.

local citation.jpg

There are two types of citations.

  • Structured citation– social media and directory are examples of structured sources. It includes the name, address, and phone numbers of a business.
  • Unstructured citations– it involves contextually mentioning a business. Unstructured sources are seen in forums and blog posts commonly.

Apart from digital marketing, you can even opt for other types of marketing if you wish to expand your business.

Outbound marketing is considered to be the most traditional form of marketing. Cold calling and cold emailing come under outbound marketing. The customers do not show good interest in outbound marketing these days as they are fed up with attending numerous calls all day long regarding marketing schemes. In some cases, outbound marketing works, but it cannot be considered as a single reliable method to grow an organization.

Scope Of Digital Marketing In 2021

Technology has evolved; the means of information have evolved. Social media and television have become the prime source of advertisement these days due to high engagement. The number of job opportunities is to increasing digital marketing, so you can say that there is a lot of scope in digital marketing in 2021. Companies are forced to use digital marketing over other forms of marketing, as people have developed a habit of researching every product before buying. So this makes digital marketing crucial for your business. Digital marketing makes it easier to target an audience than any other form of marketing. The amount of investment required for digital marketing is comparatively low when compared to other conditions so that digital marketing can be carried out economically. Everyone has phone and internet excess these days, which make it more convenient for the seller to market their product.

Social media influencers play a vital role in digital marketing. All sorts of advertisers are connecting to them. People tend to have blind trust in social media influencers. These influencers make their audience believe that they themselves are using that good or service. So people, out of curiosity, reach your brand. This is the best way of getting business in today’s world. Such an influencer charges you per post or per campaign; some even work on barter if your product or service is relevant. So, here you just need to make your proposal effective to such influencers, and things will work in your favor. 

Try to be interactive in your content, as the readers will not be bored, and the engagement too will increase ultimately. Polls, surveys can be included in your content to make it more interactive.

SASVBA is the best Digital marketing Institute in Delhi. It is offering a number of digital marketing courses in Delhi. 

You can opt for such courses as certification widens up carrier opportunities for you. Digital marketing is spreading widely, so enrolling in the best digital marketing course will help you in growing your carrier. Enrolling is important as knowledge without certification is not at all accountable. If you wish to pursue your carrier in the same, then wisely choose some good course and institute which fulfills your requirements.

SEO, Content Writing, E-mail marketing, Social media marketing are some areas covered under digital marketing. Even if you want to expand your own business in that case, too, you should go for digital marketing as the amount of input required is comparatively less than any other sort of marketing.

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