Best Things About Advance Excel Training

Best Things About Advance Excel Training

Excel is one of the most used skill in offices. Therefore, it Compulsory for everyone to have excellent excel skills to make the work more easier and faster. If a person has Advance Excel Skills, it becomes more simpler for that person to perform complex stuff on excel in a simpler manner.

Advance Excel Course at SASVBA is structured to help the students to learn excel concepts more comfortably.  All the exercises are structured so that every student can get familiar with the concepts and the real world problems.


What is Advance Excel?
Microsoft Visual Basic Application (VBA) and MS Access and SQL
is used to manage functions in the MS Excel .VBA and Macros is Microsoft’s own programming language which allows users to perform all the complex functionalities.

Topics Covered During the course:

Workbooks (File) & Worksheet Handling

  • Excel Limitation
  • Excel Shortcut use and benefits
  • Excel Setting and Custom List Creation
  • Excel Template and File Location System
  • Advanced Paste Special
  • Calculation with Paste Special
  • Link Data range as Picture Link
  • Lookup
  • Picture in Excel Worksheet


Advanced Formatting for Reports and Dashboard
  • Formatting Tricks
  • Date & Time for Tricks
  • Advanced Custom Formatting
  • Number Format using Code
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting using Formulas
  • File, Sheets or Cells Protection Method
  • Data Table
  • Cells Style
Data Handle and Data Analysis
  • Data Fill and Selection Method
  • Advanced Sorting and Filter Tricks
  • Data Summarization with Pivot Table
  • Calculation with Pivot table
  • External Data
  • Pivot Table Relationship
  • Slicer in Pivot Table
  • Power Pivot in Excel 2016
  • Use SQL Query in Pivot Table
Page Setting and Form Creation
  • Draw Form in Excel Sheet
  • Hyperlink in Excel
  • Text and Symbol Page Setup
  • Manage View Sheets
  • Option and Arrange
  • Mathematical Calculation in Excel
  • Logical Formulas
    • IF,
    • and,
    • Or,
    • Xor,
    • IfError 
  • Nested If Formulas
  • Text and Advanced Text Formulas
  • Date and Time Calculation
  • Data Time Formulas
  • Ref# Formulas and VLookup
  • Lookup Method(VLookup,HLookup,Match,Index,Offset)
  • Advanced VLookup and VLookup
  • Listing Math & trico. Formulas
  • Data Summarization Formulas
    • COUNTIF,
    • LARGE,
    • SMALL
  • Database and list management Formulas
  • Information Formulas
  • Financial Formulas
Advanced Formulas
  • Advanced Array Formulas
  • Complicated Large Formulas Creation
  • Advanced Naming Method with Formulas
  • Report Automation with Formulas
  • Live Automation Project
  • Use Formulas in Conditional Formatting
  • New Formulas Creation with VBA Programming
Database and Other Application Connectivity
  • MS Access Database
  • Connectivity Notepad and Web Data Connectivity
  • Embed Other Application
  • SQL or Oracle Connectivity
  • SQL Query
  • File & Folder Directory Access
Dashboard Report Automation
  • Chart Creation
  • Chart Tricks
  • use Button on chart
  • Dynamic Chart with Offset Formulas


Sometimes it is also considered from where you get skilled SASVBA is One of the most famous institute in Delhi NCR and had trained thousands of students in this field. We also provide online Advance Excel training.

Why Should You Join SASVBA?

  • We Has Experienced Faculty (6+years)
  • We use Latest Tools and Frameworks
  • We have Good Placement Support
  • We Provide Recorded Classes
  • We Offers Online IDE’S
  • We Provide Live Classes
  • We Arrange Online Debug Sessions
  • We Provides Study Material: E-Books, Books, Notes
  • We Reward course Completion Certificate in Data Science and Deep Learning
  • We Provides Personality Development Classes for Interview preparation

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