Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies which works to affect human reasoning in AI systems. John McCarthy developed the word Artificial Intelligence in the year 1950. He said, ‘Every aspect of education or any other feature of intelligence can in law be so accurately explained that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be performed to find how to obtain machines use language, form ideas, and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans, and better themselves.’
  • The advantages of artificial intelligence are the ability of a computer application to learn and think. Everything can be seen as a benefit of artificial intelligence if it means a program making something that we would usually feel would rely on a human’s brightness.

The advantages of the benefits of  AI use is extensive and can revolutionize any professional sector. Let’s see some of them

1) Reduction in Human Error:

  • The phrase “human error” was born because people make mistakes from time to time. Computers, however, do not make these errors if they are programmed correctly. So errors are reduced, and the chance of moving efficiently with a greater degree of precision is a possibility.

Example: In Weather Forecasting using AI, they have conquered the bulk of human error.

2) Takes risks instead of Humans:

  • This is one of the essential advantages of artificial intelligence. We can defeat many risky human limitations by developing an AI Robot, which can do dangerous jobs for us.

Example: Have you learned about the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in Ukraine? At that time, there existed no AI-powered robots that can help us overcome this impact of radioactivity by commanding the fire in the beginning stages. Any human who went near to the core was dead in a subject of minutes. They finally poured sand and boron from helicopters from a mere inch.

AI Robots can be done in such conditions where mediation can be dangerous.

3) Available 24×7:

  • An Ordinary human will work for 4–6 hours a day except for the breaks. Humans are built in such a way to get some time out for renewing themselves and get ready for a new day of work, and they even have weekly offed to stay intact with their work-life, including personal life.

Example: Educational Institutes and Helpline markets are getting many queries and problems which can be handled efficiently using AI.

4) Helping in Repetitive Jobs:

  • In our day-to-day work, we will be doing many repeated works like sending a thanking mail, verifying some reports for errors, and many more things. Using the advantages of modern inventions, we can productively automate these routine tasks and eliminate “boring” jobs for humans and free them up to be more productive.

Example: In banks, we often see many confirmations of documents to get a loan, which is a constant task for the bank owner. Using AI Cognitive Automation, the owner can hurry up verifying the reports by which both the customers and the owner will be benefited.

As every bright side has a more sinister version in it. The disadvantages of artificial intelligence also have some drawbacks. Let’s see some of them

1) High Costs of Creation:

  • As AI is updating every day, the hardware and software need to get updated to meet the latest specifications. Machines need for repairing and maintenance, which need lots of costs. Its creation requires vast costs as they are very complicated devices.

2) Making Humans Lazy:

  • AI is making humans inactive with its forms automating most of the work. Humans tend to get addicted to these devices, which can create a problem for future periods.

3) Unemployment:

  • As AI is replacing most of the repeated tasks and other jobs with robots, human intervention is becoming less, which will cause a significant problem in the work standards. Every company is looking to replace the minimum qualified individuals with AI robots that can do related work efficiently.

4) No Emotions:

  • There is no doubt that machines are much better when it comes to working efficiently, but they cannot displace the human contact that makes the team. Engines cannot develop a relationship with humans, which is an essential attribute for Team Management.


  • These are some benefits and drawbacks of the disadvantages of a series connection. Every new invention or discovery will have both, but we as humans need to take care of that and use the design’s actual sides to create a better world. Demerits of artificial intelligence have massive potential advantages. The person’s key will ensure the “rise of the robots” doesn’t get out of hand. Some characters also say that debate on computers’ disadvantages can stop human civilization if it falls into the wrong hands. But still, none of the AI statements made at that scale can kill or enslave humanity.

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