Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

If you are targeting a local area, then local SEO is crucial to your business. Nearly 46% of the local search is conducted online. Therefore, your Local SEO efforts can help you get visible to your customers in a particular area you are targeting.

However, there are some common Local SEO mistakes that businesses make in Local SEO.

Without further delay, let’s jump on to these common mistakes and the apt ways to avoid them:

  • No Google My Business Listing

When you conduct any local search, for example, “Best Restaurants near me” on the right side of the search results, you must have seen a map revealing the name, address, and phone number of the business that you are searching for.It is not something that is achieved through SEO efforts but is an important part of local SEO. If you don’t have a local Google My Business listing, then you are missing the opportunity to rank frequently for the local searches.

  • Missing Relevant Categories

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It accounts for one of the most common mistakes businesses make in the local listing, i.e., Google My Business profile page. The more sections you advertise, the more likely your prospects are to find you on the business listing. You can review your categories based on the top-ranking local businesses.

  • Not Using Local Keywords

You might be using the right keywords for your local business online, but have you targeted the local keywords too? The Businesses miss out on including local keywords apart from industry-specific ones. Be specific with your choice of keywords. Don’t assume keywords and include them in your local SEO. Not all keywords that work for your competitors will work for you. Conduct your research and experiment for optimizing for the best keyword set.

  • Missing Citations

Your citation is a simple mention of your NAP profile on another website. It is possible that you might be missing some important citations that hurt your chances of ranking high in the local search. To avoid missing out on important citations, you can use Moz Local search Tool.

  • No Customer Reviews

Reviews are the first thing that your prospects see when they land on a Google my Business page. Most businesses struggle to get good reviews from local customers. You can encourage the customers to leave a review of the products and services leveraged. Getting customer reviews is a bit of a slow process but it will surely influence your business in the long run.

  • Low-Quality Content

The links and content account for the most authentic signals that decide your local business listing ranking online. Quality content work to improve, engage and retain your client by providing them with valuable information and solving their problem. A well-organized content grants you the opportunity to inculcate keywords in the best fashion online. In opposition to it, low-quality content can harm your local listing rankings in the SERPs.

  • Having Duplicate Listings

It is not unnatural for a business to turn every stone to reach their targeted customers and increase business sales. In the lieu of this, you might have thought of having duplicate business listings. But halt here!! It can negatively affect your rankings. To avoid the mistake ensure that you have the same business address on the website and the local listings.

  • Absence of Relevant Links

Links from High authority websites is always a plus point when it comes to rankings. Get your business listed in relevant and quality directories. It can help you lay a link foundation and provide the citation.

These are the major Local SEO mistakes to avoid for gaining an edge over local searches. Look forward to investing in a good Local SEO Package that aligns well with your business goals.

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